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This page was last updated: December 15, 2018
Message From the Commander
January 2018

Throughout my years at our Smith Warren Post one thing has been ever present from my first day as a member of our Post. Family. We keep the needs of our members and the community forefront. We are here to help each other, and we have functions that bring us closer together. We know each other well enough to understand when a fellow Legionnaire needs an ear and we are there for them. We come to together when it counts and look out for each other. That, in my mind, is Family and that is the glue that binds us together. This is why I am a member of the American Legion.

2018 is Smith Warren Post #367 99th year and our 100-Year Anniversary Celebration is being planned for 2019.  A parade is being planned, music, Veteran displays and a cornucopia of food! This is a very special occasion for us and I am very much looking forward to the festivities. 
There are many other functions being planned for this year also. Dinners galore, Farmers Market, Open House & two spring clean-up days. Check out our web page at www.smithwarren367.org for dates & times. We also have a Facebook page to help others in the community advertise our functions. As well, we are always looking for volunteers to help with our activities. If you have not volunteered lately, please make it a point to help with at least one of our functions. After all, this is your home away from home.

To me, the United States of America Flag and National Anthem are sacred symbols of our nations heritage and freedom. It reminds all Americans of the sacrifices our Veterans have made and continue to make. To that end, I cannot write a Commander’s Message without sharing my dismay of the disrespectful manner our Flag & Anthem have been receiving from the sports world. It saddens me these Americans use this way of protesting their plight. I then remind myself why I served, why we all served to protect and defend their Constitutional Right for everyone’s free speech. I urge each and everyone of you to remind others of the sacrifices our Veterans have made that allowed them to be free.

I am looking forward to a very successful year at Smith Warren Post and I am proud to be your Commander.

Thank you
Mike Schultz