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This page was last updated: June 21, 2017

        Smith Warren Auxiliary Meeting Minutes 

 Smith Warren Auxiliary Meeting Minutes, 
                       June 20, 2017

Call to Order—6:10 PM—At Caledonia Village Inn

Members Present— Liz Streb, Sandi Gonyo, Donna Wasley, Edie Cornish, Pam Eichele, Camella Fishgold, Sharon Waterman, Connie Orlando, Karen VanEpps, Marge White, guest Amy White

Checks: $40 to Wheatland Chili PTA field day art exhibit, $200 to Amanda Piper-Scholarship, $35 in memory of Jesse Gallo. Motion to accept and 2nd

Correspondence: Thank you letter from Wheatland Chili PTA for donation.

Membership: 95 out of 101 paid

Old Business:
Convention: Liz is paid for by the County, Sandi & Camella will split $250.00 available between the 2 of them for their rooms. Motioned and 2nd.

New Business:
Liz and Sandi will attend the July Legion meeting to tell them our accomplishments and to make a donation from the Auxiliary of $250.00 toward our 100th anniversary celebration. This will be the second payment of three. 
Payments to President, 1st Vice, Treasurer and Secretary for previous year service.

Inauguration of new officers: President, Donna Wasley; 1st Vice, Connie Orlando; 2nd Vice, Patty Kay Randall; Secretary, Maggie Manchester; Treasurer, Jean Rotoli; Chaplain & Sargent at Arms, Edie Cornish.

Next Meeting: September 19, 2017. Would love to see more members there.

Adjournment at: 6:32 PM

Message from The Commander.
             Welcome eligible veterans, you are home!

 Eligible veterans are the reason for our existence here in Scottsville New York and we take great pride in welcoming you home. This American Legion Post was formed in 1919 just for that reason almost 100 years ago here in Scottsville and is one of the longest serving posts in New York State. The reason for its longevity is because it has stayed loyal and true to the guiding principles of the American Legion and to the needs of our members and our community. We understand that we are dedicated to helping our veterans include meeting their needs and their families.

 We are duty and honor bound to our Nation’s Security and we continue to promote Americanism as well as serving Children and youth overall.

 This post is focused on Service to veterans, their families and the community where we reside. When you join Smith Warren Post you are able to utilize our facilities and are automatically enrolled in the largest veteran organization in the United States and are able to visit and to socialize in any of the American Legion Posts wherever they are located as a benefit of your membership of the Scottsville Post. You are an essential part of an organization which has advocated for Veteran Health care including the expansion of the VA healthcare system here in Rochester. This legion has been advocating for education and vocational training for veterans as well as Home loans and tax abatement benefits.

 We as American Legionnaires have been representing you the veteran and your family for the past 98 years and will continue to not only keep you and the community in the forefront of our beliefs and efforts but also to keep those who save suffered and continue to suffer injuries in the fulfillment of their service to our great country.

 We as the American Legion continue to honor and respect to our fallen comrades who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are interred all over the world. 

We currently have 120 paid members. All veterans are encourged to join the Legion and our 367 Post. 

We are currently working with a local Boy Scout on his Eagle Project of updating the Oatka Cemetery Map, getting ready for flagging veteran's graves for Memorial Day. We are also attempting to install grave markers for all veterans graves in Wheatland. We plan to purchase plastic "US Veteran" star markers with aluminum posts. We have purchased 90 of these markers so far and need about 275 more to complete this project. Our Auxiliary and SAL organizations are helping with that funding.

We are also planning our 100-Year Anniversary Celebration for 2019. Cary Webster is our Chair for this commitee, and planning Post Home uprades for that year, a parade, veteran and war memorial displays, food, music, and possible a WW I memorial. 

​Charles  M. Clark, Commander, Smith-Warren Post 367